Comme des Garçons Guerilla Store in Warsaw

The whole concept of CDG’s Guerilla Stores started in 2004 and lasted 5 years, making an appearance in cities such as Helsinki, Berlin and Reykjavik. These cities, among many others became a part of a complex form of an art installation that was being created until 2009 and featured a number of raw, minimalistic spaces, previously used as grocery shops or warehouses, later adapted to resemble regular showrooms and display not only regular CdG collection, but also a fair amount of archive pieces.

CdG Guerilla Store in Warsaw opened at the end of 2007 on Koszykowa and lasted a year. Former fruit shop was renovated with as small budget as possible and barely anything has been changed - turquoise walls and emerald tiles became a completion for avantgarde clothing along with old wooden shelves and storage lockers, put into a disordered installation that also became a perfect space to exponate CdG fragrances, shoes and all kinds of accessories.

Warsaw Guerilla Store was a huge and, quite frankly, surprising success, meeting 300% of the expected monthly sales in just a week. Polish pop-up store represented slightly different values than the previous ones, appearing as slightly more raw and chaotic, while other spaces such as the firsts Guerilla Store in East Berlin presented itself in a definitely more sterile and put-together way, resembling a science lab.

Written by Julia Siechowicz

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