Designer Spotlight: Maurizio Amadei

Maurizio Amadei is an Italian designer creating under his label MA+. Born in Rome, Amadei use to work for an avant-grade brand Carpe Diem and quickly developed a passion for manual work and handmade footwear as well as accessories and clothing. Some distinctive features of his garments include silver buttons that are handcrafted, usage of only one piece of fabric to create a garment and most importantly, small cross insignias embroidered on most of the MA+ garments.

The philosophy behind the idea of using single pieces of material to create certain clothing is to minimise the number and significance of stitches, allowing to fabric to speak for itself and reveal itself in a way it chooses to. The brand is best known for minimalistic designs featuring subtle yet characteristic details and focusing on best-quality, durable fabrics instead of innovative shapes and forms. Being a master in the craft of mixing and matching different textiles, Amadei offers the best blends that are meant to both last and adapt to owner’s lifestyle. Best-quality cotton, linen, silk or horse leather are only a few fabrics the brand uses on a daily basis, with textiles like polyester or acryl nowhere to be seen. 

All of the brand’s products are handmade under strict supervision of Maurizio Amadei himself. The beauty of his designs reveals itself mostly in details - all silver elements and jewelry available to purchase from MA+ is handcrafted and it takes about 3 to 4 weeks to receive any silver piece due to the fact that it’s made-to-order. Other MA+ accessories that deserve honourable mentions are sunglasses, made with designer’s distinctive precision, minimalistic approach and most original materials like buffalo horn or natural Italian leather.

Written by Julia Siechowicz 

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