How Helmut Lang Shaped Our Perception Of Denim

If we want to name one person responsible for popularizing denim to an extent where it started appearing on the high fashion runways on a regular basis, we can thank Mr. Lang. Austrian designer took well thought-out and sometimes risky actions throughout his first years in the fashion industry to make denim an object of desire not only to be a suitable option for casual occasions but also to be admired by more demanding client. When he started to charge almost 200$ for a pair of low-rise jeans in the 90s, not many people were approving.

Yet now Helmut Lang is known as the father of denim and for many years the brand has been delivering top-quality jeans and jackets to clients across the globe. There are some company’s trademark designs, like painter jeans, which are well-known in the industry and are strongs representatives of the brand’s DNA. First launched in 1998, painter jeans became a statement piece itself and gained lots of popularity among denim lovers. This timeless design with paint splattered all over the legs comes in variety of colorways. When talking about Lang’s denim, we cannot forget about jackets. Minimalistic, well-fitting pieces are a perfect complement for brand’s aesthetic.

The brand of Helmut Lang’s legacy is being continued despite being carried out without Austrian designer’s involvement since 2005. In 2018 Helmut Lang came up with an all-jeans ‚Under Construction’ capsule collection, a unisex project intending to bring back brands’ iconic denim designs like the bootcut or the low-rise jeans, only in a slightly distorted and deconstructed versions.

Written by Julia Siechowicz



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