Brand Spotlight: Incarnation

 Founded by Keita Ogawa in 2009, Incarnation is a brand specialising in creating leather goods such as footwear, jackets and accessories. Ogawa has been gaining experience in the craft of working with leather by working with brands such as Chrome Hearts and Isamu Katayama, known as one of the greatest Japanese leather masters. 

Based in Firenze, Italy, the brand is characterized by Italian top-quality fabrics and Japanese values which creates a perfect blend and explains how the label is able to deliver unique, minimalistic, timeless pieces made with best textiles. Precision and attention to detail is what makes an experience with an Incarnation garment unique and won’t leave even the biggest leather enthusiasts disappointed and unsatisfied as the brand uses Guidi leather exclusively. 

Avant-garde label pays close attention to the hand-stitching applications and the importance of creating remarkable pieces with as much individuality as possible. Incarnation jackets are in general very minimalistically labelled as they don’t feature designer labels and the only elements of the piece that actually state the name of the brand are buttons and zipper pullers.

Written by Julia Siechowicz


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