„Money Can’t Make Me Happy But Vetements Can”: How Internet Culture Took Over Fashion

When Demna Gvasalia found Vetements in 2014 with his brother Guram Gvasalia, probably no one expected the brand to escalate to one of the best-known brands focusing on envisioning what youth of XXIst century is like and what values they bring to the modern world. With their sock-like boots, oversized hoodies with statement slogans and futuristic sunglasses, Vetements has taken over the fashion world in an instant, having celebrities like Kanye West, Rihanna and Travis Scott wearing their garments. Despite the fact that the greatest celebrities have been choosing the brand over these 8 years, no one ‚thinks in terms of elegance and sophistication’ at Vetements and, as Gvasalia claims, it was never the brand’s point to be perceived as luxurious.  

Having graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2006, Demna’s got offered a job as a womenswear designer at Maison Martin Margiela in 2009 and that’s when his career skyrocketed. After moving to Louis Vuitton in 2012, Georgian designer decided to create his own brand along with his brother and 6 other anonymous designers. Brand’s collection of Spring/Summer 2016 moved the whole fashion community - Gosha Rubchinsky opened the show wearing a plain yellow t-shirt with DHL’s logo in the center. 

Besides bringing back logomania, it was Vetements who popularized oversized hoodies and put them in every collection. They were usually donned with short catchy slogans like ‚Stop being rich’ or ‚Gvasalia for President’. It’s no secret that Vetements often takes inspiration from internet culture. Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection explores depths of the dark web. „As always, inspiration begins on the internet, that’s how we often work, but for the first time, we went deeper. This was about people who know how to access the dark net, exploring a hidden digital world behind the wall you can’t see”, said Demna about the collection.


Written by Julia Siechowicz

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